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Re: Quadraped Sailbacks-All non-dinos?

On Apr 25, 16:32, cristeaj@pt.Cyanamid.COM wrote:
} Subject: Quadraped Sailbacks-All non-dinos?
>      discriminate a dinosaur such as: (1) Lived only in the Mesozoic Era, 
>      (2) Walked with legs directly under the body (not sprawled), (3) Lived 
>      primarily on land, (4) Had unique anatomical structure (i.e. hips, 
>      etc), and (5) All dinos were reptiles.  
>      Although he uses some of the above, he still put in "Quad. Sailbacks". 
>      Are there any quadraped sailback dinos?  I think the five 
>      qualifications above are enough to qualify for dinosaurian without the 
>      confusion of "Quad. Sailbacks".  What do you think?  Thanks!

Well, really all you need is point (4), "Had unique anatomical structure".

It's a little vague, though. :-)

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