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Uneducated & Unread.


I'm Greg and I've followed this list for several weeks now with great 
intrest.  I'm an amature Dino nut and am developing my personal library.  
One book I recently aquired is _The Dinosauria_.  I found it, of all 
places, at Marine World on close out.  Paid $20 still in shrink wrap.  
Iv'e looked at the Jr. College cirriculums in my area and no one really 
has classes dedicated to Paleontology, or at least with an emphasis on 
dinosaurs.  I was hoping that some of the instructors and museum 
proffesionals that frequent this list could recommend some additional 
reading material used at the college level in the study of dinosaurs.  
Thanks for your help, returning to lurk mode.

        Greg Claytor