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Re: DNA Computers

Larry Smith writes (first quoting: wmathews@interserv.com):

> >Apparently it is possible to do computing 
> >problems with vials of sculpted DNA.
> This _appears_ to be a very mangled story about genetic algorithms -
> almost like the end result of an intellectual version of the
> telephone game.

No, the story had nothing to do with genetic algorithms.  It was
reported in _Science_ earlier this year, and coincidentally in the
April 24th issue of Newsweek.  I'd talk about it here, but I don't
want to drift further off topic.  In fact, I think the main thing
motivating me to mention it is to point out how difficult moderation
of the list might be.  The starting point of this thread had to do
with inferring dinosaurian behavior patterns from those seen in modern
animals -- clearly relevant fodder for this list.  Solving the
travelling salesman problem with PCR doesn't seem to be terribly
germaine to dinosaurs.  Were I to moderate, where would I cut this

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)