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Re: exinction refs.

someone wrote:

:>"Trundle on down to your local library and ask them to request the article
:>for you via Interlibrary Loan."

Merrit Clifton responded:

>This is another case of urban people taking for granted services that just
>aren't available in the country.  There isn't a public library within 35
>miles of here that has any interlibrary loan access.  In the sticks,
> libraries are usually little more than lending collections of donated old
>novels,  maintained by elderly volunteers on a part-time basis.

  The situation is even worse than that.  Even if your library has interlibrary 
loan access, you won't get journals via loan, anyway.  Journal articles,
particularly old journals, are put in bound volumes, and these volumes are
generally non-loanable through interlibrary loan.  In fact, I know of *no*
university or research library that loans bound science volumes out through
interlib. loan.   By all means, fill out the interlibrary loan paperwork.
But what you will recieve will be a photocopy of the article, not the
  Regarding Merrit's comment, I think the only solution to this sad
situation for isolated communities is the looming potential of the Internet.
I still think that the CARL Uncover service is a good start, but the Internet
still hasn't lived up to it's research potential.  For instance, CARL only
is useful in getting recently published articles.  We need a system that
makes it easy for a farmer in Iowa to get copies of a 1930 article that
appeared in _Agricultural Engineering_, without leaving his farmhouse.