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Lucifer's Hammer

>For a good read on the effects of a BIG meteor or comet strike on the modern
>world, try "Lucifer's Hammer" by Larry Niven.  It's good old fashioned SciFi
>and it doesn't talk about dinosaurs, but it's in depth descriptions of
>conditions during the impact event and it's aftermath might be interesting to
>the current extinction discussion.  More fuel for the fires of speculation. .

By the way, _Lucifer's Hammer_ was coauthored by Jerry Pournelle.  In
_Playgrounds of the Mind_, Niven talks about how a team of scientists was
going to propose "Lucifer" as the name for the alledged dark, massive
orbital companion to the Sun (which, in their novel and in certain theories
disturbes comets and asteroids from their orbits every so often).
Unfortunately, a different team proposed "Nemesis" before them.

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