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Re: Oviraptor

ST>    I'm going to be gone for a while.  Off to see the Smithsonian.  It's
ST>crazy; the first museum this dinosaur nut has seen that has more than one
ST>dinosaur in it!  The Burke Museum at the U.W. has a young Allosaurus atrox o
ST>display and a Triceratops and Camptosaurus in the basement (not on display).
ST> They're asking the state for more money to build a bigger museum because
ST>they literally have no more room for anything.  I hope they get it.

Peter, the Burke has a fair number of good mineral specimens as well and
would receive more _IF_ it had the capacity to display the most
important and make the remainder available for study.  A good friend of
Lanny Ream's and mine willed several thousand very good to supurb
mineral specimens to the Burke a few years ago.

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