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Ceratosarus: Scutes n Scales?

I am currently working on a sculpture of  Ceratosaurus nasicornis.  I am
using all the material I can find in the "popular" literature.  Greg Paul's
excellent book "Predetory Dinosaurs" and his illustrations in other books are
most useful for gross anatomy, and action postures.  All the material I have
on  Ceratosaurus tell me that there are a row of dorsal scutes running down
the back, but not much else about them.  Can anyone tell me what these scutes
looked like.  Did they have a "keel" or a triangular shape, or were they just
long oval bumps.  Greg Paul's beautiful detailed illustration of a
Ceratosaurus head  ("Predetory Dinosaurs" pp 279)  shows some large
distinctive scales running around the orbit and the ridges behind the eye.
  Is this kind of detail preserved or suggested in the fossil record, or is
this highly educated conjecture on Mr Paul's part?

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