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Dinosaur Bronzes

Greetings once again Dinophiles!  Although I have been in the dino discussion
group for a while now, I have just been lurking for the last few months, too
busy to offer opinion or comment, but still facinated by the conversation,
insofar as it stuck to the subject.   

I am a sculptor, and I am doing a series of Dinosaurs, to be cast in bronze
by the classic lost wax method.  Up to this point I have sculpted modern
birds, marine birds and birds of prey, turtles, tortoises, alligators, marine
mammals and fish.  Now, as I begin the Dinosaur series I am doing them all to
the same scale: 1/12 or 1 inch = 1 foot.  So, I am starting with some of the
smaller species first:  I have just completed my first two dinosaurs;
Protoceratops  and Velociraptor mongoliensis.  I am nearing completion, still
doing clay and wax, on my third piece;  Ceratosaurus nasicornis.  These are
necessarily based on the reconstructions of other artists and
paleontologists, and whatever fossil material I can look at.   Neil Clark for
example, was kind enough so send me photocopies of Velicoraptor skull,
several views.  Thank You Neil!    

I would be happy to send (snail mail) photos of these two new bronze
dinosaurs to anyone interested.  I also solicit comments and critique,
particularly from the professionals out there, and other artists too.
 Finally, I am a living, functional, self employed artist, not subsidized  by
the NEA.  At the risk of crass commercialism, my bronzes are for sale.  This
is not the primary purpose of this posting, but If you ask to see photos,
I'll send along the prices too.  

Bill Hunt  -  Frustrated Marine Biologist  -  Happy Artist
2780 Chaparral Lane
Paso Robles,  CA  93446     -    805-237-0733  
E-Mail   WillSculpt@aol.com