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extinction and all that

Thanks for all the good discussion on the extinction stuff and I don't feel
so bad as I did at the end of last week (part of that may be because I spent
the last weekend collecting "spineless" fossils and I have about 30 pounds
of stone to worry about over the next year or so). I do have one more
comment.  Several times I was (rightly so) advised to read this or that
article.  My problem is that I don't live anywhere near a library that would
have these articles.  (we're lucky if we can find something by Jane Austen,
these libraries are really bad).  Anyhow does anyone have any suggestions
how some of us who are really in the sticks can get this stuff?
paul w. sparks  Psparks@cerfnet.com
"over the heather the wet wind blows
I've lice in my tunic and a cold in my nose."