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Re: Extinction

>Oh I did have a question out of all of this.  I thought that previous
>threads had pretty well decided that the Decca events were in fact
>temporally differentiated from the KT booundary.  I ask this because a
>friend and I had done some back of the envelope stuff and had decided that
>it might be possible that a 100 mile bollide could have "set off" the Decca
>lava flows.   It seems that just about enough energy could have gotten
>there.  But we decided that this forums discussions had firmly separated
>these events.  Whatever.

Towards that end, check out this recent paper:
Prasad, G.V.R., and C.K. Khajuria.  1995.  Implications of the infra- and
inter-trappean biota from the Deccan, India, for the role of volcanism in
Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary extinctions.  Journal of the Geological
Society, London, 152: 289-296.

>I get the same feeling when I read Tom H's comments in thaty he "states"
>things as truth that from the litereature that I have read (Science, some
>physics things and popular stuff like scientif american) don't seem to be
>the last arguments on the subject.  Is this a discipline thing?  Do we have
>a fossil types versus some other group?  I don't know, but I am surprised by
>the arguments that I've heard and especially the Facts that have been
>stated.  I'm probably just getting old.  sigh.................

If you have any questions regarding the fact that some "truths" are not as
stated in most of the literature, I'll be happy to post them (on the net,
or direct to you [Sorry, Jerry D.H. :-( ].

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