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Re: The nature of extinction & minds, and recreating dinos

>I am not pinning the future on SciFi.

Sorry to have been confused but from your earlier posts, I thought that is
exactly what you were saying.

>First, almost all SciFi has humans
>running around the planet and universe far into the future, which my
>hypothesis disagrees with.  Second, I am not saying we should not try to take
>care of the environment, I'm pointing out the high probability that it will
>not be a human concern sooner than we think. Remember that evolution whether
>biological or technological is punctuated and therefore surprising.

I saw Forbidden Planet too, but let's just think about this for a moment.
Once we are all stuck on floppy disk, how are the computers going to be
powered and maintianed, how will the raw materials that power and repair
these computers be found, excavated and manufactured into useful parts. And
what would be the point of putting us into disk form? OK, so it all sounds
like a brave new world, and I concede that technological advances may
overcome some of the above logistical problems, but it seems a pointless
persuit to me. And it does not address environmental problems in the world
today. Regardless of its future potential, today, your hypothesis is
escapist nonsense.

To return to your question from an earlier post, would I have been to kind
of person who would have scoffed at the thought of planes 100 years ago. If
I were alive 100 years ago, I would have entertained the idea, but I would
not have bought shares in an aircraft company and I certainly would not be
counting on aircraft to fight the Boer War.

Cheers, Paul