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Re: Greg Paul, Theopods, and ...

<<He is???!!!  What's his E-mail address? >>

Yes, I almost fell off of my chair too.  It is GSP1954@aol.com, I 

<<I have another observation to make to the group: Don't you find it 
odd that many researchers will gladly say: "Yes of course pterosaurs 
had fur and maniraptors had feathers and advanced therapsids had 
vibrasse and the whole lot of them 100% warm-blooded, active and 
vibrant!"; but when you ask them what class of animals they were, 
they say: "They were reptiles, stupid!!!" ????

Is the Linnean scheme so sacred that it is more acceptable to 
contradict terms and talk about "warm-blooded reptiles", "furry 
reptiles", etc. than to take dinosaurs, pterosaurs and therapsids out 
of the Reptilia (and maybe do away with the Reptilia 

Well... I guess I am one of the few that still use the Linnean system 
at least part of the time (I think that Linnean and Cladistics should be 
used to supliment each other so that relationships can be understood 
better than they would be by just using one or the other).  I do not 
use reptiles at all.  I use Synapsida for cold-blooded synapsids; 
Mammalia for warm-blooded synapsids (ie mammals + therapsids); 
Anapsida for anapsids; Lepidosauria for lizards, snakes tuaturas and 
such; Eusuchia for cold-blooded archosaurs; and Aves for 
warm-blooded archosaurs (ie ornithodira or endosauropsida).  That's 
just me however and just like always I'm sure that no support will be 
gained from the list because most of y'all tend not to like my 
systematics.  I would put Plesiosaurs and Icthiosaurs and the like 
tentatively in the Lepidosauria.

    Anyway... I'm molting (Yuck!).

Peter Buchholz