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Greg Paul, Theopods, and feathers

>While we're on the subject, and now that the famed Greg Paul is in
>our midst (Hi Greg!)...

He is???!!!  What's his E-mail address?  I'd like to thank him for gracing
dinosaur science with _Predatory Dinosaurs of the World_! :)

>...what does everyone think about the now-common 
>pictures of theropods (etc.) running with the arms all tucked up?  It 
>does look kind of cool, but do you think it really happened?

I think it makes sense provided that the theory that _Deinonychus_ et. al.
are descended from flying ancestors (and so technically were flightless
birds???!!!) is correct.

I have another observation to make to the group: Don't you find it odd that
many researchers will gladly say: "Yes of course pterosaurs had fur and
maniraptors had feathers and advanced therapsids had vibrasse and the whole
lot of them 100% warm-blooded, active and vibrant!"; but when you ask them
what class of animals they were, they say: "They were reptiles, stupid!!!" 

Is the Linnean scheme so sacred that it is more acceptable to contradict
terms and talk about "warm-blooded reptiles", "furry reptiles", etc. than
to take dinosaurs, pterosaurs and therapsids out of the Reptilia (and 
maybe do away with the Reptilia altogether)???

                        -- Dave