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Hello Again

    Well hello everybody.  It's me again; back from three weeks of 
exile from the list.  Geez....  I go for such a short time and all hell 
breaks loose.  Welcome back Thom Holtz.  Welcome to the list Greg 
Paul and George Olshevsky.  Wow!
    Anyway.... After wading through not even close to half of the eight 
trillion or so messages that I missed I saw a couple of things that I 
might just jump in on:
    Pteryx is pronounced properly all the time "TA-reeks", not ever 
"p-TA-reks" or p-CHA-reks.  Thus Archaeopteryx is 
"ar-kay-O-ta-reeks", NOT "ar-kay-OP-cha-reks".  And Podopteryx is 
"POD-o-ta-reeks" and so on.  The same thing aplies with "Gnathus". 
 The "gn" should be pronounced like the "gn" in Italian or the n~ 
(pretend the tilde is on top of the n) in Spanish ("ny" in English).  
Thus Compsignathus is "comp-see-NYAY-thus", not 
"comp-sig-NAY-thus".  Yes, I know I'm ranting.
    Whenever I draw theropod arms, I never put them in a set position 
unless they were especially large (the arms).  Since most theropods 
had fairly small arms, there position would not make any real 
difference weight wise, so they really didn't need to stay in any one 
spot.  The smaller theropods with the bigger arms (Troodon, 
Velociraptor etc..) probably held their arms close in because a) they 
could fold their arms pretty tight and b) they're big and bulky and 
need to be kept from going every-which-way.
    About sauropods and sleeping.  I was thinking that maybe 
sauropods didn't sleep, since the ultra-high blood presure by 
definition puts these beasts in the realm of the "high metabolisms", 
and they heve such small heads compaired to the size of their 
bodies, sleep would be wastefull --even deadly.  Also, where would a 
Brachiosaurus put its neck and how would it get it back up in the air 
the next morning?
    In case any of you are wondering where I went, I went to Idaho.  In 
case any of you non-North Americans are wondering where Idaho is, I 
won't tell you.  I had ASSumed Darren Naish didn't know and told 
him, and then he went on this tangent about how Americans don't 
anything about British geography and on and on (I guess he new 
where Idaho was already).  Anyway...   in order not to be offensive, 
y'all'll just have to get an atlas and find Idaho for yourselves, 'cause 
I'm not tellin'!
    Anyway....  y'all have a fun time, 'k?

Peter Buchholz

"Don't be so naive, you obtuse piece of flotsom!"
"It's time to put an end to your little trek through the stars."
"This is how it all began, your society and civilizations; it all started   
  right here in a pond of goo."