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Re: Junk Mail

> >>You should remember that many people *pay* to receive messages, 
> >>per message and per length, and if connecting by phone they pay 
> >>for time to transfer messages, too. 
> I'm probably walking down a fiery path here, but anyone who is seriously
> worried about their e-mail costs isn't likely to be on this list.

For those of you who remember a couple of instances where my 
other account sent out many annoying bounce messages when the 
mail couldn't be delivered...

I was using the unreliable account because it was cheaper.  At full
rates this list is an expensive proposition and I can only afford 
to be on three mailing lists - even at preferential rates - fortunately 
the other two are both lower volume.

Junk e-mail, especially long junk e-mail, is a major issue
to people who pay for their mail.  I know one person who ended 
up in severe financial difficulty because of a vicious mailbomb

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