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Re: dino quadrates

GSPaul wrote:

>The London quadrate is a quadrate and is exactly the right size.

Is it? Unfortunately the head of the "quadrate" does not fit properly into
the corresponding grove in the skull, prompting suggestions of a missing or
non-ossified bone to account for the discrepency. However, I agree that the
bone is in all likelyhood the quadrate.

>The x-rays of the Eichstatt quadrate are visual junk, and misleading.

Since the misleading, visual junk was enough to suggest to John Ostrom and
Peter Wellnhofer that the bone may possess a double articulation, and
considering that this opinion has been published, it has to be taken under
consideration, whether I believe it or not.

If anyone has any info on recent discussion on this issue, I would be
interested in hearing about it.


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