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Re: Cyberlife,evolution-off topic,long.

Note: this message is from Tim at Tony Thulborn's Lab and sentiments 
expressed herein are his responsibility!
Sundance - I've never read such elitist garbage in my life! you are 
obviously viewing the world from your exhalted position as one of the 
worlds top 5% of consumers when you talk about technology making life 
"Better". You should also go and read some Anthro literature before 
making pronouncments about the time it takes to survive as a hunter-gatherer,
real estimates are around the five hours per day mark and that often 
includes 'hunting' time for men that actually makes little contribution 
to survival but allows them to enjoy themselves away from the 'pressures' 
of their society. Personally I can think of no problem that technoplogy 
has solved where the solution has not led to at least two new and usually 
worse problems. Your medical example, for example, just means that as a 
species we now carry an enormous load of potential medical problems. Enough