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more corrections

Sundance Bilson Thompson alluded to the amount of leisure time that
hunter gatherers have.  you all might be surprised to note that the average
K'ung bushman spends 13 h/wk working.  The rest of his/her time is spent
enjoying life (i.e. in recreation!!).  I may be feeble-minded here, but I
compare that with my 60 h/wk work as a college prof and I am frankly envious!
With each technological advance societies spend more time doing the stuff
of surviving rather than recreation.

Secondly, Thompson stated that no other species had ever performed open
heart surgery.  To this I would say that we have no proof that any other
species ever performed open heart surgery, but this would be very hard
to document from the fossil record.  We do, however, know that Neanderthals
(depending on which theory of human evolutionary relations you like, either
H. sapiens neanderthalensis, or H. neanderthalensis) did perform SUCCESSFUL
trephination of the brain.  The patients lived following the brain surgery!
In one case, the patient had had 3 trephinations, only the last one not having
healed before the patient died.


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