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Sorry about the subject line, just though I'd better remind some of you. But I
don't want to offend no-one, so I'll say no more....

In the time that I have been on this list, the phylogeny and systematics of
(probably) every major dinosaur group has been discussed. The discussions that
have followed nicely demonstrate that dinosaur phylogeny is (IMHO), not only one
of the most interesting dinosaur-related topics, but also one that stimulates
a vast amount of contemporary research. Though consensi are better developed
than ever before, I believe that much is set to change yet....


With the intention of provoking some discussion (and so we don't have to read
so much about astrophysics) I'd like to cast the following questions to all list
members. Can someone explain the priority argument over PODOPTERYX/
SHAROVIPTERYX? David Peters recently mentioned this beastie, but I lost his post
on it. So, could he please re-iterate or, elsewise, could someone fwd me his
post on it. This animal was presumably arboreal, but what other sensible
speculations might be made on its behaviour? And, of course, how does it fit
into the archosaur phylogenies? Likewise _Longisquama_? Friends and relatives?


EVERYONE pronounces _Archaeopteryx_, _Podopteryx_, _Patagopteryx_,
_Glossopteris_ etc etc WITH THE P. But, in 'The Flying Dinosaurs', Phil Currie
expresses the opinion that the p should be silent, as it is in pterosaur. So we
should all be saying 'ar-kee-o-teris'. Thoughts?

Could someone just remind me, which node is defined as the Ornithothoraces? 
Hmmm, does the Titanosauria (Diplodocidae + Titanosauridae) remain tenable since
the discovery of the _Malawisaurus_ cranial material? 
Did anyone ever sort out the 'Gorgosaur renaissance' problems (i.e. there were
recent rumours that some albertosaur species were to be re-instated as
_Gorgosaurus_. I posted this question a while back, but don't know if it was
answered (due to mother-of-all file disasters mk 1).)
Why do geese explode when fed aspirin?


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