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Re: The nature of extinction & minds, and recreating dinos

>who thought that millions would be flying across oceans in metallic ships of
>the air
>in the mid-20th century were on the "fringe". It is amazing people make these
>semi-Luddite comments using high powered PCs no one dreamed of 30 yrs ago
>connected by a global communications system! With the cost of computers
>declining exponentially, and nanotechnology coming on line, it will be
>cheaper to become
>a cybersystem in a hundred years than it is to buy a car today. After all, m
>y grandmother, who is 95 and grew up near the Cleveland-Lloyd dino quarry in
>Utah, rode horse
>s, and did not see a car until she was 10. Much as the bison are just a few
>today, humans will be a remnant species in the near future (which may allow
>the bison to come back).


Luddite here,

You miss my point, it is not that your wonderful visions of cyberpeople
maynot one day be a reality (God forbid that they will, and them's fighting
words from an atheist). My main contention is that, to pin the future of
life on earth on science fiction is an abdicaton of responsibility. I also
find the limited scope of the cybersolution (save a few technichnologically
advanced people and bugger the rest of life) particularly abhorrent.

Cheers, Paul