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Veggie T-Rex (No Joke)

A Creationist book has a theory that T-Rex was a vegetarean. This is a
quote from ,"Dinosaurs, The Bible, Barney and Beyond" by Phil Phillips
(Starburst Publishers, 1994). After a discussion on whether T-Rex was a
hunter or a scavenger Phil writes,"Yet another group of scientists have
concluded that T-Rex was not a carnivore at all. They pointed to the fact
that the creatures serrated teeth are serrated along the length of the
tooth-rather across the teeth-a pattern more consistent with creatures that
strip bark,cane and smll branches from trees (rather than strip skin and
flesh from a carcass). They also point toward the shallow embedding of the
teeth in the jaw.The 7 to 11 inch long teeth are only embedded 2 inches
into the jaw. To rip through skin with lizard-like toughness, would take
considerable strength and they conjecture that the teeth of a T-Rex would
have been more likely to be pulled than engage in such a task

Like a good creationist he doesn't give any references. Has someone,
outside the Creationist movement, seriously postulated that T-Rex was a
herbivore? Any references would be appreciated and any information that
refutes any of the above would be welcome.



Shaun Cronin                 "How can something seem so plausible at the time
shaun@wavenet.com             but so idiotic in retrospect?" - Calvin