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Re: Archaeopteryx info?

Michael Purvis wrote:

> Just wondering if anyone could recommend a good book or 2
>regarding _Archaeopteryx lithographica_? Can't seem to find
>much on that animal in print save the occasional magazine


Ostrom, J.H. (1976) _Archaeopteryx_ and the Origin of Birds. Linnean
Society, London.

(1985) The beginnings of Birds; Proceedings of the International
_Archaeopteryx_ Conference, Hecht, M.K.; Ostrom, J.H.; Viohl, G. &
Wellnhofer, P. (eds.). Freunde of the Jura Museum, Eichstaett.

Wellnhofer, P. (1990) _Archaeopteryx_ Scientific American, 262(5): 42-57


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