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Re: DR. Bakker, and the "Raptor Red" media circus

> In a message dated 95-08-23 13:18:21 EDT, jpoling@infinet.com (Jeff Poling)
> writes:
> >   As long as I have your permission, I will.  That post was just one more
> >from a typical AOL twit.
> >
> I, as a member of AOL, resent this remark. Should I refer to you as an
> Internet geek I am sure that you would scream bloody murder.  

There are those of us who would consider "geek" to be an honorific and
bristle at its use as a perjorative.
What really ticks *me* off is the notion in this country that if you show
an ounce of intelligence or critical thinking you're labeled as either being
part of an oppressive "elite" or a no-life living in your parents basement.

And thats my emotionally-triggered non-sequitur response for today....

"Geek Pride Week" coming soon to an octet near you!