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Re: DR. Bakker, and the "Raptor Red" media circus

>In a message dated 95-08-23 13:18:21 EDT, jpoling@infinet.com (Jeff Poling)
>>   As long as I have your permission, I will.  That post was just one more
>>from a typical AOL twit.
>I, as a member of AOL, resent this remark.

   I, frankly, could care less.  No specific disrespect meant for you, at
least not in this instance, but AOL is the moron capital of the world and a
pox upon the internet.

>Should I refer to you as an
>Internet geek I am sure that you would scream bloody murder.

   You are incorrect.

>I am not saying
>that the author was justified in his criticism (BTW did you attend the event
>in question?  I did not but will definitely look for the log of the event).
> However you certainly are not justified in making the remark about 'typical
>AOL twits'.....Twits, geeks and PITAs are the same no matter what on service
>they choose to voice their opinions and the label of twit depends solely on
>the opinion of  the observer.

   I *AM* justified in my remark.  It is one WIDELY held, including by many
who are ON AOL (I've had this conversation before, see).  As a matter of
fact, many sites are now refusing to accept ANY data of ANY kind with AOL as
the source, and with good reason.

   Bottom line is, when it walks like a duck, quack's like a duck, and does
stupid things like a duck, it is a duck.  99% of the people who regularly
access the internet from AOL are "Twits, geeks, PITAs," idiots, and morons.
I will cease to refer to them as such when AOL either disappears from the
internet, or raises the average IQ of the users above room temperature in
Alaska.  And so will the majority of the people on the internet.

>How do you know that someone hasn't chuckled
>under their breath and labeled you with the same appellation(sp)?  ;)

   I'm sure they have.  That doesn't change the garbage, idiocy and blatant
disregard for netiquette that comes from AOL users.  No other site that I'm
aware of has this magnitude of problem.

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