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Re: Bakker conference on AOL

In a message dated 95-08-23 13:30:58 EDT, MarsSaxMan@aol.com writes:

> AOL is an electronic pop-culture playpen
>anymore; I'd dump it and get a "real ISP," except that too many people know
>me as "marssaxman@aol.com", and the development forum there is still halfway

Mars, this is uncalled for, the service caters in its many areas to a wide
variety of interests and is adding more all the time and tho some parts are a
pop-culture playpen there are other areas that are not.....there are lots of
decent development forums on other services if you are that unhappy here on
AOL......the comments on Dr Baker's event are very true and unfortunately
hosts do have to try to keep to the planned protocol for the event if they
care to keep doing what they like to do here online even if a large part of
the audience would prefer to use the time to have the discussion move in a
different direction.

::Stepping down off my soapbox taking care not to slip on the bubbles::  :D