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Re: DR. Bakker, and the "Raptor Red" media circus

>Go ahead and shoot your flames, if you feel you must.

   As long as I have your permission, I will.  That post was just one more
from a typical AOL twit.

   From what I read in your post ("Last night, in some obscure event to
promote 'Raptor Red'"), the event in question was set up to discuss and
promote _Raptor Red_ and was advertised as such.  Not VP.  Not Dinosaur science.

   When you go to a concert do you get huffy if the band plays its own music
and not another band's or music in general.

   When you go to a book signing for Larry King's newest book on politics,
do you get upset if the topic is Larry King's new book and not Rush
Limbaugh's new book or politics in general?

   Sure, it would be nice if the discussion was more general.  It was
specifically touted as an event staged for a specific purpose, and you knew
it.  To get upset when it stayed true to that purpose is, quite frankly,

>Just bear in mind that
>no paleontologist has the right to represent his ideas as facts without the
>data to back it up, and Dr Bakker went well beyond that last night.

   That comment, taken alone, has some merit (however, he DOES have the
RIGHT to represent his ideas as he sees fit.  Whether or not he SHOULD is
another matter.).  However, I would suggest that an AOL online chat is NOT a
forum conducive to presenting reams and reams of good hard data.  Again, you
cannot separate the venue from the discussion.  If this had been the
presentation of a paper, I would agree with you.  But in this instance, I do

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