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Re: Just a Test

I had received no e-mail from about 1700 8/21/95 to 0900 8/23/95, so I went
to AOL's online tech to ask him why e-mail was still down. I held out little
hope of getting any results, because I had gone to a live tech the afternoon
of 8/22/95 and was told only that AOL was having "trouble" with its message
boards. Well, the second visit paid off with the tech resetting my mail flag,
and wham--I was deluged with about 50 e-mails from about 1500 8/21/95 to the
present. Hallelujah. Just when I had pretty much caught up with it, suddenly
I'm two days behind again. I have no idea how or why AOL set my mail flag to
hold all my mail; I certainly didn't tell them to do that.