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Re: brontosaurus

At 6:34 PM 8/22/95, Mickey Rowe wrote:
>> How about the Tyrannosaurus material from Colorado (suburbs of
>> Denver)
>Yeah, I was wondering about that too.  I tried to get Ken Carpenter to
>comment, but he decided to let it go.  All I really know is that the
>suburb in question is Highlands Ranch (my cousin lives there so I'm
>trying to encourage her kids to dig up their yard and find another
>Tyrannosaur :-)

        What would you like to know?  It's not terribly complete -- some
teeth, a few tail vertebrae, a partial ilium, both femora and parts of both
tibiae and one fibula, a scapulocoracoid, and some gastralia.  Possibly
there was more at one time, but the hill that used to reside over the site
had been removed some great time before, and the construction personnel had
bulldozed much of the site upon which to build a house but failed to notice
any bones.  It was Charlie Fickle (nicely misspelled in Horner's book), an
amateur fossil hunter, who lived across the street who discovered the end
of one tibia sticking out of the ground while walking his dog.

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