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Re: Arkansasaurus fridayii

At 4:36 PM 8/22/95, Nancy McCartney wrote:
>Also, all of you folks interested in tracks, any idea what kind of
>beasties made the sauropod tracks at Nashville, AR?  Has this been

        I believe that these tracks are an extension of the famous ones at
Glen Rose, TX.  Without finding a dead animal at the end of a trackway, of
course, it is impossible to _really_ tell which animal made which tracks,
but since bones of the sauropod _Pleurocoelous_ are known from roughly
contemporaneous formations not too far away, it is usually the sauropod to
which the footprints are attributed.  See articles in Gillette and
Lockley's _Dinosaur Tracks and Traces_ volume as well as Lockley's other
two books (_Tracking Dinosaurs_ and _Dinosaur Tracks_) for some info as
well as points to other references.

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