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Re: DINOSAUR digest 543

>Melizande Underhill writes:
>> Well, I don't know if this is really what you're looking for, but Microsoft
>> Dinosaurs on CD ROM is cool.  I'm not sure what level its at, but I'm in
>> college, and I like it.  But then again, I also play with play-doh and color
>> with crayons and watch Animainiacs everyday.. so perhaps I'm not a typical
>> college student......
>Oh good, I'm not the only one.  (Pauses to sniff Play-Doh)
>Microsoft (shudder) Dinosaurs is probably the nicest of the dinosaur
>CD-ROMs I've seen.  It's much like the "Eyewitness" books.  Definitely
>juvenile, but the illustrations are so nicely done, how can you not
>get involved?  The "Dino Don" guided tours are another high point.

I found Microsoft dinosaurs good but far from great. Illustrations of
ichthyosaurs swimming with placoderms and sterosaurs skeletons so large
that humans barely reach the ankles to be particularly disturbing. The
choice of Barbara Feldon as narrator on the CD was not particularly clever
because the only thing she is known for over here is as Maxwell Smarts
bumbling sidekick 99.

Cheers, Paul