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Stan Friesen <swf@ElSegundoCA.ATTGIS.COM> writes:
>Then, a few years later it was determined that Apatosaurus and
>Bronotsaurus were almost the same thing, and should be in one genus.
>The rules require that when two genera are merged, the name for
>the combined genus is the *older* of the two names.  In this case
>that name is Apatosaurus.  Hence Brontosaurus has long been a junior
>subjective synonym of Apatosaurus.

In my mind, "Brontosaurus" always makes me think of _Apatosaurus_ with
the wrong head (I guess I think the round, blunt head matches the "bron"
sound), so my personal definition of a brontosaurus is "a mythical beast
with the head of a _Camarasaurus_ and the body of an _Apatosaurus_." :)

                        -- Dave