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Arkansasaurus fridayii

Help!  I have to write a label for an exhibit to accompany 
Dinamation dinos which we are augmenting with a model of the one dino 
discoveredin AR=Arkansasaurus fridayii, for which we have partial 
foot bones.  Our geologist is away, and I need to come up with 
something reasonably truthful immediately to meet printing deadlines.
Does anyone know if this is a "real" name--has anything been 
published on it?  Some sort of ornithomimid, I gather.  Anyone ever 
find another one of this species anywhere?  According to a piece of 
paper I have, discovered in 1972 near Locksburg in southern AR and 
looked at by local (since deceased) geologist Quinn (who probably 
never published).

Also, all of you folks interested in tracks, any idea what kind of 
beasties made the sauropod tracks at Nashville, AR?  Has this been 

Many thanks.

Nancy Glover McCartney