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Re: DINOSAUR digest 543

Melizande Underhill writes:

> Well, I don't know if this is really what you're looking for, but Microsoft
> Dinosaurs on CD ROM is cool.  I'm not sure what level its at, but I'm in
> college, and I like it.  But then again, I also play with play-doh and color
> with crayons and watch Animainiacs everyday.. so perhaps I'm not a typical
> college student......  

Oh good, I'm not the only one.  (Pauses to sniff Play-Doh)
Microsoft (shudder) Dinosaurs is probably the nicest of the dinosaur
CD-ROMs I've seen.  It's much like the "Eyewitness" books.  Definitely
juvenile, but the illustrations are so nicely done, how can you not
get involved?  The "Dino Don" guided tours are another high point.

> Also, has anyone read _Raptor Red_ yet?  I'm about halfway done, and I
> really like it.

Great book!  Touching and insightful.  Some folks find the heavy
anthropomorphization rather sappy, but I think it would be a dry read
without it.  It occurred to me about halfway through that this is
"Call of the Wild" with dinosaurs.  I remember that book was fairly
popular around sixth grade.  Except for a few particularly colorful
scatological references, "Raptor Red" would be ideal for the same
crowd (or 27-year-olds who still use Play-Doh).  :-)