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Roots of JP and letting your talons do the walking... :)

I recently came across an old (1980) issue of OMNI that contains an
article called "Bringing Dinosaurs Back to Life" that explains how
DNA preserved in amber could be cloned and used to make living dinos
(and here, I think, we have the ultimate roots of Jurassic Park!).
There is however a "strange" (bringing dinos back isn't???) claim 
the article makes.  It says that the names of all the known species 
of dinosaurs larger than a grown man would fit on a single page, but
that the names of all the known species of dinosaurs smaller than a 
man would fill a telephone directory.  CAN this be right???

In the same area, I remember a long time ago reading a story by
Robert Silverberg (called, I believe, "Our Lady of the Sauropods")
that is along the same lines as Jurassic Park; except that in this
story, the dinosaurs turn out to be super-intellegent (and I don't
just mean figuring out how to work a doorknob!).  Has anyone read or
heard of this story, or know where I can find it?

                             -- Dave