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Re: Books on my Wish List

>>Nah--Last I heard, mosasaurs were related to varanid lizards. (Someone update
>>me if I'm wrong!)
>        This is still, to the best of my knowledge, the community opinion,
>but I recently talked to Gordon Bell (SDSM), a mosasaur researcher, and
>he's leaning more now towards a non-varanid origin (and polyphyly for the
>mosasaurs), pointing instead towards the poorly-known "reptiliform"
>_Coniasaurus_ instead.  I don't have any details beyond that, sorry!

I don't really want to gazump my mate John Scanlon but he has just
completed an analysis of some 250 characters for lepidosaurs and (from
memory) the mosasaurs end up between varanids and snakes. I'll quiz him for
more details if anyone is interested.

Cheers, Paul