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> Dinosaur eggs found in South China city
> HONG KONG, Aug. 8 - - Several dinosaur egg fossils estimated to be about
> 70 million years old have been found for the first time in southern China's

> Meizhou City, a semi-official Chinese news agency reported Monday.
> Scientists believe the eggs date back to the early Cretaceous period and
These two dates are contradictory.
Is the '70 million' a typo, or did they mean late Cretaceous?

> suggest that the Meizhou City area went through a dramatic change that led to
> the global distinction of the dinosaur, the China News Service reported.
> The eggs were located by researchers working with a geology prospecting
> institute in eastern Guangdong Province, which borders the British colony of
> Hong Kong. Geologists and paleobiologists have deemed the discovery valid.
> The fossils reportedly were found in clusters, with each cluster containing
> up to 10 eggs. Officials believe there may be a few hundred such specimens.

Well what kind of dinosaur is it??  The story did not say.
I'm interested to know because I just spent a week digging and prospecting
hadrosaur nesting sites in Montana...

> SHANGHAI, Aug 7 - Three Chinese men caught selling dinosaur eggs to
> a Hong Kong broker were jailed for up to 66 months by a Shanghai
> court on Monday, the Xinmin Evening News reported.