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I found these on the newswire networks and thought you all
would be interested. I'm not sure what your rule is on such
input, so if I shouldn't have done this, I apologize.....
Dinosaur eggs found in South China city
HONG KONG, Aug. 8 - - Several dinosaur egg fossils estimated to be about
70 million years old have been found for the first time in southern China's
Meizhou City, a semi-official Chinese news agency reported Monday.
Scientists believe the eggs date back to the early Cretaceous period and
suggest that the Meizhou City area went through a dramatic change that led to
the global distinction of the dinosaur, the China News Service reported.
The eggs were located by researchers working with a geology prospecting
institute in eastern Guangdong Province, which borders the British colony of
Hong Kong. Geologists and paleobiologists have deemed the discovery valid.
The fossils reportedly were found in clusters, with each cluster containing
up to 10 eggs. Officials believe there may be a few hundred such specimens.
Most of the eggs are oval or oblate in shape, five inches (13 cm) in length,
four inches (10 cm) in breadth and nearly four inches (9.5 cm) in height. Some
of the eggs were discovered intact while others had their shells broken.
"Most were greenish grey, but a few are greyish black," the report said.
The shells were fairly thin, measuring between .0156 cms (0.4 mm) and .0312
cms (0.8 mm) in thickness while a layer of membrane was found beneath the
shell's surface.
The China News Service reported. "The find is also important as
respects the study of the development of Meizhou's paleo-geography,
climate and natural history."
Shanghai jails three dinosaur egg traders
SHANGHAI, Aug 7 - Three Chinese men caught selling dinosaur eggs to
a Hong Kong broker were jailed for up to 66 months by a Shanghai
court on Monday, the Xinmin Evening News reported.
Zhuang Weimin, age 60, bought 16 dinosaur eggs in Henan province and
together with two accomplices arranged their sale in Shanghai for 450,000
yuan ($54,216), the paper said.
The three were arrested as the eggs were being handed over, the paper added.
Zhuang was found guilty of violating laws protecting Chinese cultural relics
and jailed for five-and-a-half years. The other two were each jailed for five
years, the paper said, without mentioning the fate of the Hong Kong businessman.