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Re[2]: WWW URLs: Alien Autopsy

    If you doubt that dinosaurs have anything to do with aliien
    humanoids then take a look at the following:

    Steiger, B.  Today's "Flying Dinosaurs" -- do they pilot UFOs?
    UFO Universe, Winter 1994: pp.42-48, 66.

    This article maintains that dinosaurs became so intelligent that
    they invented UFOs and left the surface of the Earth and are still
    buzzing around out there.  It even includes a photo of Dale
    Russell's dinosauroid model to show that it could have happened!

    If you can read this article nd still be a disbeliever then you
    are probably involved in the UFO coverup.

    (by the way, the same issues includes an article about the
    Smithsonian's suppression of a report documenting Aztec scuptures
    of hadrosaurs, sauropods, and stegosaurs).

    Dan Chure