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>Any more takers for the limited edition Safari _Velociraptors_ I'm fobbing off
>at extortionate prices (just kidding)? If I've already got you down for one,
>don't worry, you won't lose it.
>Calling all pterosaur experts! Has _Ornithodesmus claniculus_ been renamed,
>given that the type _Ornithodesmus_ has been shown to be a troodontid.

First off, Ornithodesmus has NEVER been shown to be a troodontid.  In the
most recent paper, the authors regarded it as maniraptoran.  In fact, that
claim is not fully substantiated, because sacra of the same morphology as
Ornithodesmus (with six or seven or more fused sacrals, etc.) occur in
neoceratosaurian theropods as well as in maniraptoriform theropods. So,
basically, we don't know what the beastie was (yet).

As for the pterosaur, I haven't seen a response from the pterosaur community.

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