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Re: WWW URLs: Alien Autopsy

In a message dated 95-08-20 23:27:07 EDT, GSP1954@aol.com writes:

>Correct this subject does not belong here, but.....

Boy, I'll say!!

>It is extremely unlikely that there are other Earth-like planets out there
>(you need a super collison that forms a stablizing moon and a good spin rate
>and a resonable axial tilt PLUS gas giants to clear out the comets, and the
>last may be rare)

It all depends on how Earth-like you want a planet to be. An Earth-size
planet with two smaller moons might develop a similar biosphere, or maybe it
wouldn't. Who knows?

There are QUADRILLIONS of stars out there, and we have only ONE solar system
in our sample of well-known solar systems. Any comments on what's rare and
what's common out there are grossly premature and outrageously speculative,
to say the least.

>Any alien civilization will have long ago gone cyber, the idea they would
>send their original bioforms here is as silly as the Spanish sending chimps
>to the Americas

I can certainly imagine an "alien civilization" that never goes cyber, that
even persists for millions of years in a lifestyle akin to that of
pre-Columbian native Americans--much as humanity existed for the 2 million
years preceding the advent of agriculture. All they have to do is sacrifice
the 1% of their juvenile population that displays any kind of intelligence...

>Once here, they would not be dumb enough to actually crash and leave bodies
>lying about, and if they did they would get them back and erase everyones'
>memories. If aliens are here, and they do not want us to know it, we never

Long ago I read a story about an alien civilization of morons who, simply
because the civilization had persisted tens of millions of years, had finally
developed (or should I say stumbled on) space travel, went sailing among the
stars and eventually made their way to Earth--where they were all promptly
sold the Brooklyn Bridge...

So--who knows WHAT aliens would do if they came here? This sounds
suspiciously like the televangelists who always know what GOD is thinking
about, what GOD wants, and what GOD would do in any particular situation, as
if they are in constant contact with God by telephone. Somehow,
unsurprisingly, God invariably comes out in support of the televangelists!

And--who says memories are permanently erasable, except by trauma or death?

>So alienphiles, get a life

Amen to that!