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Any more takers for the limited edition Safari _Velociraptors_ I'm fobbing off
at extortionate prices (just kidding)? If I've already got you down for one,
don't worry, you won't lose it.


Calling all pterosaur experts! Has _Ornithodesmus claniculus_ been renamed,
given that the type _Ornithodesmus_ has been shown to be a troodontid. Thanks...

Has Greg Paul published his '_Iguanodon bernissartensis is a separate genus'
paper yet? Greg?

I didn't know cats could pant till mine lay on the windowsill (in the sun) for
too long. Talking of birds (I was?)....


A short while back, someone (could have been Betty) said that all birds have
fairly bog-standard rounded pupils. This seems essentially correct, but note
that Adelie penguins (_Pygoscelis adeliae_) have elliptical shape ones. Also,
some fruit pigeons (one of which has the generic name _Ducula_) _seem_ to have
a bit of the pupil that dips down about 45 degrees at the rostral (yaawn) end.

"Wake up - time to die"

DARREN 'the air-conditioning in here is bloooooody good' NAISH