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Raptor Red out already??

My son gave me a copy of Bakker's book 'Raptor Red' for my birthday.
He said he found it at a Waldenbooks store.  He mentioned that fact to the
owner of a nearby independent bookstore and was told that 'Raptor Red'
was not supposed to be released until October.  The owner was somewhat
upset and told my son that he planned to complain about Waldenbooks getting
the book so far ahead of its release date. Anyone know about the release date?

I have read the first few chapters.  So far, it is interesting.  It is
supposed to be told from the perspective of the female raptor 'Raptor Red'.
Some oddities creep in, such as references to objects from our times--things
like other dinosaurs having eyes as large as 'dinnerplates'.

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