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Sorry about this, but to those of you I posted the _Carcharodon_ info to, I'd
like here to make a small amendment.

According to The 1984 FAO species catalogue (Compagno, L.J.V., 'Sharks of the
World'), the maximum recorded authenticated length of _Carcharodon carcharias_
is 6.4 metres. A female caught somewhere off Australia I believe.

Well, according to new data from the European Shark Research Bureau, the maximum
authenticated length is now 7.1 metres. This individual died after becoming
snagged on a line set for swordfish, off Malta, in 1987. It was, of course,
another girlie shark.

"Now tell me - if that's a fact... am I lying?"

DARREN 'I think my parents come home soon. D'oh!!!' NAISH