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STEVE - the newest T. rex

News from the field on "STEVE" the latest T. rex:

STEVE is the namesake of Steve Sacrison the discoverer.
Stan Sacrison(Steve's twin brother) is the discoverer of
T. rexes STAN and DUFFY. You can actually see the STAN
and DUFFY sites from the STEVE dig. The site is being
excavated by the Black Hills Institute of Geological
Research from Hill City, S. Dakota. I just got back
from 5 days of digging onsite.

STEVE is the sixth T. rex to be found in Harding county SD,
and the 22nd major T. rex fossil discovered since 1900.
        9 in S. Dakota
        8 in Montana
        1 in N Dakota
        1 in Wyoming
        3 in Canada

The Sacrison twins alone have equalled the output of Canada!

"There are so many concentrated around Buffalo[SD] that it makes 
it the T. rex capital of the world." - Pete Larson of the BHIGR

So far, only a few bones have been uncovered. If the skeleton is
spread out anything like DUFFY, it will be a while before we know
how much has been preserved. The weathering bone that caught the
experienced eye of Steve Sacrison was a femur(in good condition).
While I was there we uncovered several verts, 3 ribs, and a few
odds and ends(unidentifiable at this point). 

The most exciting news so far about STEVE is that there were
several eggshell fragments (definately theropod) discovered 
next to the exposed femur. The eggshell fragments were spotted
by Leon(the "eggman" goo goo goo joob) Theisen. It appears that
the original egg would have been around 20 x 8 inches.

Work also continued on STAN and DUFFY. As we walked up to the
STAN site initially, Neal Larson spotted a gastralia weathering
out, while DUFFY yielded several new teeth(very nice) and more
skull material(possibly some braincase).