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RE: WWW URLs: Alien Autopsy

I dont understand what humanoid "aliens" have to do with dinosaurs either.
However there are some anthropologists and medical experts who should look
at these pictures for the purpose of debunking same. I looked at them and
feel the victim is a human female   with either a glandular disorder or a 
known as progeria, the etiology of which is unknown but there are quite a 
few earthlings with this unfortunate condition,  The subject of these photos 
obviously in an accident but if it was a space ship that crashed I would think 
the victim would  have a lot more injuries other than some bruises and a tear 
in the
right leg.  It did appear that the victim bled into the peritoneum which is 
abnormally swollen.  The person who posted the request to look at these
pictures, Terry Colvin, at a mil. e-mail address should know that mail to him
has bounced.  The fingers appear abnormally elongate and tapered and
there appears to be six fingers on each hand. This alone is not a criteria
for alien ancestry and earthly explanations could be found. 
Steve Grenard