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Re: Books on my Wish List

>I'll buy that!  Also an "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ancient Marine Reptiles;
>Ichthyosaurs, Plesiosaurs and Mosasaurs"  would be very nice.  Anyone know if
>such a book is out or in the works?

Good idea, but clumbsy title. How about "Illustrated Encyclopedia of
Euryapsids"? Hmmm maybe not. Are mososaurs euryapsids by the way?

The only book I have on the subject is "Reign of the Reptiles" by Michael
Benton, which covers Synapsids, Marine Reptiles, Pterosaurs and some of the
archosaurs (but not a dinosaur in sight). Its a nice book, but not nearly
detailed enough. It has some really nice looking cladiograms.

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