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RE: WWW URLs: Alien Autopsy

I'm not really sure why posts regarding alien autopsys are doing here but I
remeber Stephen Jay Gould making an intresting observation once regarding
the physical appearances of aliens (I can't remember the reference but it
was from an essay in one of his books. If somebody can supply the reference
it would be appreciated). His arguement was why are Aliens portrayed in
movies etc. as having humanoid, if not outright human, characteristics. The
idea that aliens have an humaniod appearence doesn't make sense. If
intelligent life evovled on others planets then the physical
characteristics of aliens would most likely not be humanoid. Evolution on
another planet would of led to far different outcomes than what happened on
Earth. In fact if we could go back in time and restart evolution on Earth
the outcome would be that we wouldn't be here.

The "evidence" for Roswell is very weak at best. The post by Michael
Borland raises some interesting points regarding how the autopsy was
conducted and recorded. Also the July/August 1995 issue of the Skeptical
Inquirer has an article linking the Roswell "UFO" debris to a balloon that
crashed as part of top-secret program called Project Mogul.

Given the state of television at the moment I'd be surprised if a balanced
treatment of the Roswell incident is presented.


Shaun Cronin                 "How can something seem so plausible at the time
shaun@wavenet.com             but so idiotic in retrospect?" - Calvin