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email addresses needed

As per her tag line, everyone should let Sabrina know that they didn't
get the message included below (just kidding!!)  In case you're
curious, there is a way I can reduce the number of messages that
listproc inappropriately rejects.  It would require my installing
another piece of software and recompiling listproc (the latter of
which I'm likely to do soon anyways because I'm in the midst of a
system upgrade).  Hopefully I'll have a chance to take care of these
things before the end of August.  In any case, through no fault of
Sabrina's, the following message was rejected and I'm now pushing it

  To: dinosaur@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu
  From: SCox@mail.lnd.coretech.com (Sabrina Cox)
  Subject: email addresses needed
  Date: Sat, 19 Aug 1995 15:14:18 +0000

  Does anyone know if the following have email, and if so, could you
  send it to me??  Thanks.

  Royal Tyrell Museum of (some really weird, probably British spelling
  of) Paleontology 
  Alberta, Canada

  Dinosaur National Monument
  Jensen, Utah

  Museum of Western Colorado  Dinosaur Valley
  Grand Junction, Colorado

  <suggestions for a really cool signoff being taken>
  Let me know if you don't recieve this.
  "To err is human, but to really foul up requires a computer."
  formerly BRIN736@aol.com