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WWW URLs: Alien Autopsy

Portions of this film, allegedly taken in July/August 1947 at Roswell
Army Air Field, New Mexico, will be shown on BBC and FOX affiliate TV stations 
globally ~28 August. I would be interested in hearing from any endocrinologists,
pediatricians, other medical specialists, or anyone else who has viewed the 
still photos available on the Internet WWW sites.
http://www.primenet.com/~dice/  [[Andrew G Dice <dice@PRIMENET.COM>]]
[[Stan Friedman, UFO researcher, c/o <medianet@nbnet.nb.ca>]]
http://www.paragon.co.uk/paragon/rosindex.html  [[Roswell Centre]]
Note: A Network TV special will air sometime between 19 - 28 August, perhaps 
several times in the U.S. Other airings will occur in the United Kingdom, 
France, and Japan.
Please email me privately with your views.
Terry W. Colvin <colvint@cc.ims.disa.mil> or <colvint@ncr.disa.mil> Fort 
Huachuca (Cochise County), Arizona USA
"No editor ever likes the way a story tastes unless he pees in it first." -Mark 

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Subject: Alien Autopsy Special...
Author:  Terry Colvin at FHU2
Date:    18/8/1995 7:21 AM

The humanoid individual shown in the film of the Roswell autopsy has some 
unusual features: polydactylism (6 fingers and 6 toes), large cranium which 
bulges posteriorly, lack of  secondary sexual features (no breasts, no axillary 
or pubic hair),  small chin, small nose, and low set ears. She is apparently a 
pre-pubescent female and I would guess her age as 10 yrs old or so.  Some of the
features shown in this individual are seen in Turner's syndrome (specifically 
the lack of secondary sexual development and  low set ears).

I hope the film shows more than we can determine from the few photos released. 
One has to wonder why one of the most incredible events of the century would be 
filmed by a military photographer who could not focus the camera. Also one 
wonders why the autopsy was not done by a trained pathologist who would have 
dissected the corpse in a different manner than apparently was done. If you have
ever seen an autopsy or spoken to a pathologist who does these routinely you 
would learn that every part of the body is  analyzed, sliced and diced, prepared
for microscopic exam, etc. I find it hard to believe that the best pathologists 
in the country were not called in to do an autopsy of this importance. It is not
everyday that we get an "alien" body. Indeed even more care would be taken in 
doing an autopsy on an alien body than done on the average cadaver.

The right wrist on the cadaver is sliced as if cut with a sharp knife. No one 
has explained this.

I'd very much like to hear comments from an Endocrinologist.

Hollywood makeup artists can also change the appearance of the human figure. The
poor focus of the camera disturbs me immensely. It is just too cute to think an 
event like this would  be photographed so poorly.

Michael Borland, M.D., Ph.D.