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Garden Park Paleontological Society

Since George and Jerry have been writing about the Garden Park area,
and since the "advertising/junk mail" thread has left me with the
impression that people want to see info like this distributed to the
list, I thought I should finally get around to telling you more about
the Garden Park Paleontology Society (GPPS).

If you want to see a lot of mounted skeletons and you're in the
eastern half of Colorado, then the Denver Museum of Natural History is
the place to go -- especially if you're there after October, '95 when
the Prehistoric Journey exhibit is scheduled to open.  However, if
you'd rather get more of a feel for what it is/was like to collect the
dinosaur bones in the first place, you should visit Canon City
(there's supposed to be a tilde above the first "n", so pronounce it
like "canyon").  Canon City is less than ten miles away from Garden
Park, where Brachiosaurus, Haplocanthosaurus, Diplodocus, Allosaurus,
Ceratosaurus, Stegosaurus etc. etc. remains have been found.  

GPPS recognizes the history of the site (it was a very hot area for
both Cope and Marsh back in the late 1880's and early 1890's) and the
treasures it still contains.  Their long range plan is to build a
Visitor Center in Garden Park.  The Visitor Center will function not
only as its name implies, but it will also provide facilities for
paleontologists searching for and excavating new fossils.  If you
support GPPS, you will also be supporting the future of Jurassic
paleontology.  A good way to support GPPS would be to visit their
current museum, the Dinosaur Depot, in Canon City.  Currently they're
only open during the summer, so you have less than a month to take
advantage of the place this year, but I hope that you'll save this
message for next year if you're interested.

The following is from a flyer that I received when I was there.  The
flyer has a drawing of the remains of a stegosaurus (more on that
below) as part of the letter head:

                 Garden Park Paleontology Society
         P.O. Box 313, Canon City, Colorado 81218-0313 USA
   "To better our future by understanding the wonders of the past."


  WHAT   A small interpretive center devoted to information about
  ----   fossil and dinosaur discoveries in the Garden Park Fossil Area.
         Housed in an historic fire station, it contains exhibits,
         information, sales area and fossil laboratory with preparatory
         activities revolving around a Stegosaurus specimen discovered
         here in 1992.

  WHERE  located at 330 Royal Gorge Blvd. (Hwy 50) at west end of 
  -----  Canon City, Colorado

  HOURS  June 1st-September 15th  10:00 am-5:00pm seven days a week

  FEES   Adults: $2.00  Children (12 and under) $1.00

  INFORMATION:   for information other than the above, about special
  -----------    and group activities please call 719-269-7150 AFTER 6/1/95

For additional fees, you can get a guided tour of the museum.  It's
also possible to take a three hour tour (no, that's not a reference to
Gilligan's Island!) of both the Dinosaur Depot and the Garden Park
area itself.  If you really want to know about how we get to know
about dinosaurs, I highly recommend that you take the tour of Garden
Park.  By request I can give a few details about the tours.

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)